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Protein is just as important for runners as it is for any other athletes or sports participants — aiding in tissue repair, exercise recovery, injury prevention, immune function and the production of oxygen-carrying red blood cells. We spoke to just a few of the many Eatleaners who use Eatlean to fuel their runs to find out more about their running experiences, why they include Eatlean as part of their dietary plans and what their tops tips are for running nutrition.




I choose to use Eatlean to fuel my runs because it’s high in protein, low in fat and low in calories.  This allows my body to grab all those nutritional bits it needs to rebuild after a run and as a dieter, this is my go to cheese because I can eat plenty of it and it doesn’t hinder my weight loss. As a runner I need to fuel well with the right food groups to be in tip-top condition.

My top tips for nutrition as a runner is to make sure you have a well-balanced diet with a good fuelled breakfast such as porridge oats with fruit.  It is essential after a run that you get that protein in with either a homemade protein shake or smoothie full of fruits and maybe some peanut butter for muscle repair, and lots of chicken or fish with healthy vegetables & salads for main meals.

My favourite Eatlean products are the Tasty Mature & Red cheese, Red is my favourite though.  I also like the Nibbles for on the go snacking.  I use the cheeses a lot in my everyday lunches & meals – as a sandwich you can’t beat a cheese & pickle sarnie.  However I think my favourite meal to cook would have to be a lasagne as you can layer it up with all the cheese and not have the guilt.  It is so low in calories & points on the diet plan I follow, plus it’s a firm favourite with the whole family and pasta is a good fuel food too … right!!

When I first started out running I thought I could eat what I wanted and run it off, I soon realised that was not the case!

Over the years I’ve come to realise that your body needs fuel to work efficiently & I now eat foods that back then I wouldn’t have.  I do eat a well-balanced diet now and have also worked with a nutritionist who helped me with fuelling & weight loss whilst training for the ultra in July 2021.  This opened my eyes to the fact that you do need to be in calorie deficit to lose weight, but your body also needs certain foods that you shouldn’t worry too much about, so it’s a case of everything in moderation.

My favourite post run meal has to be pizza, or burgers, always homemade & healthy but all the looks of something filthy – after all you’ve earned it and it includes cheese!  Pizza gives you all those carbs that runners need, so some say.

I have only a few running goals left for 2022 as I have completed most of my bucket list.   I want to better my 5k & 10k times, smash those parkrun times & further my sub 2 half marathon.  My PB is 1.57, so that’s something I am working on with my coach.

I have run marathons, and done one ultra which was 62 miles.  My long distance days are over.  It is now all about the speed and getting stronger.


I switched to Eatlean cheese after being advised by a health professional to add protein to my diet when I started to run more seriously. I didn’t want to use protein shakes as eating should be a pleasure and Eatlean is perfect for this. It is tasty, low fat and I am getting the protein that I need.

My top tip is to keep hydrated, eat a colourful diet with plenty of protein. Enjoy treats in moderation, it’s better than overdoing it then having to deny yourself the foods your love on a cold winter’s day.

My favourite Eatlean product is the Smoked cheese – I just love it as it!  It’s so good – just cut a piece off and enjoy! I like to use it in a cheese sauce, pouring it over fish which is lovey.

My nutritional needs have changed since I started running.  I now eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  At first I lost too much weight, but now I maintain a good weight and have improved my body shape.

My favourite post-run snack is a wholemeal seeded roll (you don’t need butter or a spread, just a fresh soft roll or piece of bread) and a chunk of Eatlean – Delicious.

At the tender age of 66 I aim to keep going, keep supple and keep running. I would also like to add a bit of weight training into my fitness regime. I run 10k regularly and walk too.  If I am still doing this at 67 next November, I’ll be very happy.


The reason I choose to eat Eatlean over regular cheddar is because it’s a comparatively lean protein source and it tastes really good.  A great post-run snack on its own or in a sandwich/salad.

In love, in particular, Eatlean Tasty. I used Eatlean 3% fat cheese to support my weight loss but have recently moved over to Eatlean Tasty now that I have reached my weight target, allowing me to enjoy a few luxuries. Up until I discovered Eatlean, I couldn’t eat cheese whilst dieting as the fat and calories were too high.

My top nutritional tip when it comes to running is to give this a try – eat two bananas, microwaved and mixed with a square of dark chocolate.  This always gives me a decent amount of energy to start my runs.

I eat a lot of chicken and pasta the night before a race.  One thing I have changed since I started running, and probably the most effective change, has been to completely give up alcohol. I wasn’t a big drinker before, but it still made a huge difference!

My favourite post-run meal is Eatlean Tasty on toast 😉

In 2022 I aims are to get back below 18 minutes for 5km, break the 18 minute barrier for parkrun and achieve an 80% wava age grading.


I tend to run first thing in the morning on an empty stomach as that works best for me.  I like to fuel the evening before. My favourite meal the night before a long run is quorn spag bol, topped with Eatlean Tasty cheese – Adding some protein to my carbs.

You can never out run a bad diet even when marathon training. Having half the calories of other cheese, Eatlean really does help me keep my calories down.

My favourite Eatlean product is Eatlean Tasty. In particular on a leaner pizza.  A good combination of carbs and protein. I do love a cheesy pasta too.

I try and add more protein to my diet to help with muscle repair. I don’t eat red meat or fish so Eatlean helps add protein to my meals, whilst keeping the calories low.

I have signed up for the Edinburgh marathon in May 2022, I hope to complete it in one piece 😀


I choose Eatlean cheese to fuel my runs as the high protein content keeps me full and provides me with lots of energy to push myself even further!  Additionally, the fact it is lactose free is even better as I have a slight dairy intolerance. Knowing that I can have a cheesy treat pre-run without feeling bloated is even more of a bonus.

My top nutrition tip for fellow runners will definitely be to fuel your body before your runs. I used to go running without eating and would always feel tired very quickly. Since including a pre-workout snack before my runs I find I can go much further, faster. Always listen to your body’s needs!

My favourite Eatlean product is definitely the Grated cheese as it is so versatile. My favourite use for it is making pizza wraps as the cheese melts so perfectly whilst adding extra protein.

Since I first started running in February 2021 my nutritional needs have changed greatly! To fuel faster and further runs I have found my body needs more. At first this was scary, however having lower calorie/high protein alternatives (such as Eatlean) have really helped me incorporate my favourite foods whilst sustaining a healthy and fulfilling diet.

My favourite post run meal is definitely a big bowl of Eatlean protein porridge. I have a massive sweet tooth so love adding different fruits and flavours to help me feel full and ready for the day ahead!

For 2022, I hope to be able to run further and compete in some races. I have never had the confidence to compete in a running event so I really want to do this next year. Additionally, I hope to be able to run further and complete my first half marathon by the end of next year.


I only do indoor running on the treadmill nowadays, but I do lots of circuit training and use Eatlean as pre and post workout fuel. I choose to use Eatlean as their products are a healthier option, high in protein, low in fat with loads of flavour.

My top tip when it comes to nutrition and running would be to eat plenty of lean food and drink 30-60 minutes before your workout or run.  This will give you enough energy to complete the challenge ahead.

My favourite pre workout meal is omelette made from 1 egg plus egg whites that you can get from the Eatlean website.  Eatlean Grated cheese, onions and mushrooms, a slice of whole meal bread and bottle of water.

My favourite Eatlean meal has to be homemade pizza – Tortilla wrap, topped with Eatlean original and Eatlean Red cheese, plus ham, chicken and pineapple mmm….And a yoghurt for dessert.

My nutrition has changed with getting older.  It is harder to keep the weight off and stay healthy, so that’s why I like Eatlean as you can have cheese via a healthier option and make loads of healthier recipes.  Pizza, pasta, omelettes, cheese wedges, spaghetti bolognese, etc. with Eatlean cheese on top are a must try.

I even like wholemeal bread with cheese and jam as a quick snack now and again or as a toastie.

In 2022 I want to stay focused, try to eat healthy most of time and hope that Eatlean bring more products to market giving me a wider variety to choose from!