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Containing half the calories of cheddar, 90% less fat, and 45% more protein. Putting cheese back on your menu has never been easier!

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Eatlean Cheese Compared to Regular Cheddar

  • Half The Calories

  • 90% Less Fat

  • 45% More Protein

  • 80% Less Cholesterol

The Original Protein Cheese

Can be used for grating, slicing, snacking or whatever you choose… Comes with a handy resealable zip to seal in all that cheesy goodness and keep your block fresh.

With a naturally strong Cheddar flavour, this remarkable cheese is ideal as a high protein snack or as a super tasty and healthier cooking ingredient than regular store bought cheese.

🏆 GOLD WINNER at 2019 International Cheese Awards for “Best low-fat cheese”

✔ High Protein
✔ Low Fat (and saturated fat)
✔ Low Calorie
✔ Zero carb (Keto Friendly)
✔ Lactose Free
✔ Gluten Free
✔ Suitable for vegetarians
✔ 100% naturally made with Cow’s milk

Slimming World members – You can have up to 70g for 6 syns or your HexA!

WW members – Up to 26g is 0SP and 27g-79g is 1SP. That means there is just 6SP for the WHOLE 350g block!

We ship orders twice a week, on a Monday and a Wednesday. Orders placed between 12pm Tuesday and 12pm Friday will be dispatched the following Monday. Orders placed between 12pm on Friday’s and 12pm on Tuesday’s will be shipped on the Wednesday.

We use a next working day courier service, so your cheese stays nice a chilled. Once your order has been processed you will receive communication from our courier containing all the relevant delivery details. Please make sure to look out for this email.

Should you need to delay delivery please let us know by leaving a note in the buyer’s comments when you place your order.

If you have any questions relating to delivery please get in touch with us via email to

166 reviews for EATLEAN CHEESE 350g

  1. Joe

    Love this product, an absolute game changer!

  2. Peter

    Love this stuff…!

  3. Lucy

    On Slimming World you can have 70g for a healthy extra! Unbelievable!

  4. Trish N

    A great healthy cheese perfect on a pizza. It helps my husband & I achieve our 5:2 diet. It actually tastes a bit similar to a Manchego with a sweet finish. Yummy!

  5. Martin

    Cant get enough of this, and its good for you!

  6. Guy

    I can eat cheese without the sin! Love it

  7. Helen Dobson

    Great cheese, especially when melted on pizza, toast, into jacket potato…….and guilt free! Fantastic for my calorie/protein goals.

  8. liliane (verified owner)

    j’adore ce fromage. Je me cuisine de délicieux plat sans me culpabiliser.

  9. Sue (verified owner)

    At last a cheese I can cook with without the guilt. Taste good. Melts lovely.

  10. Kevin Mcneill (verified owner)

    This is an absolute staple product and helps me hit my protein goals and lose weight! I did weight watchers and this was a TOTAL lifesaver

  11. jonny_morris7 (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Has made counting macros and hitting nutrient targets whilst still enjoying food so much easier. Fantastic product!

  12. Sarah J (verified owner)

    Thank you Eatlean – you’ve made “ALL THE CHEESE” a reality! I’ve said it before – a game-changer!

  13. Grace (verified owner)

    Great for hitting your protein goals, and great that it is Lacto-free. Once melted, if you let it cool it can go quite chewy, but thats what happens when cheese is reduced fat, so I can’t complain. Would recommend grating for even melt.

  14. Will Mason (verified owner)

    Wasn’t sure what to expect but this works so well – and the wife is now stealing it for herself!

  15. Sophie

    This is a game changer for me and husband, no more guilt just add the cheese i want to my meal, no missing out now

  16. Nic simon

    I buy this cheese for my dog(!) as he has so many intolerances to all and any normal dog foods and treats; I grate it and he has his shreds when we go for walks or when he’s been a good boy or as a snack in between. He has pancreas, among other, problems so the low, low fat content is great for him and being lactose free is good for his stomach.
    It’s been an absolute godsend for him, i’m so glad I decided to try him on it.

  17. Esther James

    Really tasty cheese and super convenient. Loving the fact it’s high protein and lower calories. Also a very long date on it although it didnt last long in my house! It is a little crumbly so I find it’s best grated. Would definitely buy again.

  18. Maria

    One thing i hated about prep was having to drop cheese. Not when you have this on the menu!!

  19. Daniel (verified owner)

    Love it!

  20. Katalin

    Amazing and versatile. Finally able to enjoy cheese without the guilt!

  21. Jordan

    Excellent mile-tasting cheese, with completely guilt-free macros. Personal favourite is within an omelette or melted on toast.

  22. Caroline (verified owner)

    Bought this cheese the other week not knowing what it would be like but it’s honestly amazing! Such a great flavour and half the calories of regular cheese so it’s a winner in my book! I’ve been using it to make a lo dough pizza and honestly you wouldn’t know the difference

  23. Paul Bullen

    Unbelievably low in fat! Unbelievably high in protein! Amazing on pasta, omelette, toasties etc.
    For years I have followed a strict healthy eating lifestyle and I thought I would barely ever eat cheese again. Since discovering eatlean cheese I can now have cheese much more often. Finally! A company that has made the perfect cheese!
    Thank you eatlean!!!

  24. Sarah Ghirardo (verified owner)

    When I joined WW I stopped eating cheese until I found eatlean. I love the way it melts and so good to have cheese in my life again. A real game changer

  25. Paulina

    Very tasty low calorie alternative. I bought it in my local supermarket after seeing numerous people on social media rave about it.. and I wasn’t disappointed!! Lovely in salads, on a sandwich, melted, and even on it’s own. Very good mild flavour cheese. If you don’t like stinky strong cheeses, do yourself a favour and try this one !!!

  26. Daisy Robinson

    Tastes amazing melted and really good how low in calories it is 🙂

  27. Kat

    Proper mourish mature cheddar. Yum yum! (And a little more guilt free helps)

  28. Vicki

    It’s lovely to have a cheese that actually melts and tastes like full fat cheese that is high in protein and low in fat! I will be using this all the time!

  29. Emma Wood (verified owner)

    Tasty and low fat without added sugar!

  30. D (verified owner)

    Amazing; as it comes & even more amazing melted under the grill! Amazing; as a full meal, or even just to snack on!
    Fits all my macros, fave product from Eat Lean!

  31. Emma Wood (verified owner)

    Tasty and low fat without added sugar! Great for snacking too!!

  32. Ashleigh Hartnell (verified owner)

    Absolutely worth the switch from regular cheese, I actually prefer Eatlean! Great taste, creamy and melts wonderfully 😋

  33. Maryam Makki

    I bought this cheese from Tesco as I am obsessed with cheese toasties, but I am trying to diet so I needed a lower calorie alternative to normal cheese. I can honestly say this cheese is amazing! It does the trick and now I can eat as many cheese toasties as I like, guilt free and the added protein is a plus! The texture is slightly different to other cheese, however, when it is melted there is hardly a difference. I definitely recommend this product if you are a cheese lover like me that is also trying to look after their bodies and cut calories.


    Absolutely love this cheese
    As a family we use this weekly especially on a Friday when we make homemade pizzas this is our cheese topping of choice
    Will less fats , and cholesterol than conventional cheese it’s the perfect choice 😁

  35. Reine

    This how my love towards Eatlean started. I spotted this cheese in Tesco, bought it and never looked back. As shop only sold this i found website and now my fridge is full with Eatlean goodies.
    I like how this cheese taste changes from when you eat it hard and when it is melted.

  36. Sandy Dellovo

    Game changer half of fat, calories and lactose free… This is absolutely amazing.
    So tasty and it melts great I’m obsessed
    I’m a subscriber can’t live without it.
    Well done guys!

  37. Leslie Griffiths (verified owner)

    I have been on a WW plan and this product really helps. It also tastes good!

  38. Roger March (verified owner)

    Definitely my go to cheese for all purposes. Great as it is with a salad, fantastic in cooking. A great all round cheese and always make sure I have some in the fridge.

  39. Lauren Stone (verified owner)

    Cant live without this stuff! My partner and i are on weight watchers and this makes SUCH A DIFFERENCE to be able to have cheese. He was a little nervous to try it at first but that was over a year ago and we have it nearly everyday now!

  40. Del

    Cheese without the guilt, stringy and melty …bliss! I don’t buy any other cheese brands now, the macros on this is really good and if you’re watching your calories it’s super low, there is no other cheese on the market right now that’s lower plus with the added benefit of protein as well. From the ultimate cheese lover!

  41. Kelly Spence

    I stumbled across Eatlean originally in a supermarket and it’s changed my world!! Being a competitive athlete – and vegetarian, lactose intolerant I find it hard to find cheese that I can have and enjoy – and definitely it with a protein content! Now cheese is back on the menu – cheese on toast whilst hitting my protein target and it tastes amazing ! Just bought 4 blocks more

  42. k.perhammarchant

    I was really surprised that something with this low fat and low calorie content could even resemble cheese, but it does!! I grate it on top of pasta sauces, chillies etc. and it melts and goes stringy like normal cheese! Really impressed & looking forward to trying the other EatLean products!!!

  43. k.perhammarchant

    I was really surprised that something with this low fat and low calorie content could even resemble cheese, but it does!! I grate it on top of pasta sauces, chillies etc. and it melts and goes stringy like normal cheese! Really impressed & looking forward to trying the other EatLean products (particularly the ‘eatlean tasty’ for a more mature tasting cheese!)

  44. Gemma Lethbridge (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying the eatlean block for some time, but online since lockdown. I was stressing out about not being able to have my pizza treat whilst keeping my weight watchers daily points low. I love eatlean for this, as I can have up to 80g for one smartpoint. Not forgetting either that it’s still tasty – AND IT MELTS! (unlike some other low fat cheese’s I’ve tried) I guess I’m a life long eatlean-er now – I just wish it was widely available in all UK supermarkets… (one day Rodney perhaps?)

  45. Emma Burns

    I can’t get enough of this! I think I’ve bought Tesco’s entire stock during the past few weeks! I’ve always loved cheese which made my diet tricky but this cheese is a game changer for me. I love the taste and it’s so low in fat compared to other cheese. Goes brilliantly in toasties, pasta or just cubed for a great snack 🙂

  46. Lisa Martin (verified owner)

    Love this product. It’s tasty either melted or as it comes. The healthy option for cheese lovers. Low in fat, high in protein.

  47. Julie Radford (verified owner)

    This cheese is amazing!! I have it everyday for breakfast in an omelette and probably 3-4 times a week for dinner on a pizza or in a burger. It melts fantastically and you get so much more for your calories!! Only cheese I now eat.

  48. Sarah (verified owner)

    I went BIG on my order & bought 5 blocks of this- it freezes really well too

  49. Gemma

    Delicious. I’m a big cheese fan and the macros on this are unbelievable. Means I can enjoy my guilty pleasure without the guilt. Even better when melted 😍

  50. Bianca (verified owner)

    Perfekt für WWler. Schmeckt super, schmilzt sehr gut und ist besser als andere light Produkte.

  51. Emma Griffiths (verified owner)

    I can’t tolerate fat in my diet so this cheese is an absolute game changer. I use it for snacking and making all my favourite cheese based meals. I can eat pizza again!!! It’s really tasty and melts well!

  52. Lesley Corbett (verified owner)

    I am a big cheese fan. This delicious cheese means that I can have a decent portion without the calories or the guilt. We eat it in every recipe, it makes great toasties, cheese sauce… everything. Yum! Yum!

  53. Lucy

    Very great substitute for cheese where I’m not left feeling guilty! Slightly milder flavour but very similar texture and taste. Will definitely continue buying x

  54. Alex K.

    Top quality and tastes amazing!
    Exactly what a homemade pizza was missing!

  55. Charlotte Hevness

    Tastes just like normal cheese, amazing when melted!!

  56. Anna Edwards

    I wasn’t too sure whether I’d like this or not, but was actually pleasantly surprised. Sure it doesn’t taste like a normal cheddar would, but considering is so much lower in calories etc, it’s not too bad! Once grated it goes a long way plus melt really well unlike other low fat cheeses. I don’t normally eat a lot of cheese but am already on my second block!

  57. Jane Hendricks (verified owner)

    I spent about 6 months after having to go onto a low fat diet for medical reasons without any cheese, except cottage. Discovering this was such an eye opener. Just love being able to have bread and cheese again!

  58. Kyla

    The best lean cheese. The texture is good the taste is there. You can’t get a better lean cheese

  59. danieledwardclark

    This is my go to high protein cheese for my high-performance macro satisfying snacks fulfilling doing the chees

  60. Jade

    So I brought this a couple of days ago from a supermarket as i wanted to try it out first before paying the extra for delivery and more and it was so much nicer than I expected it to be! So much flavour and I will definitely be buying from you guys in the near future!

  61. Laura C

    Love it melted – theres a knack though best in something or left to melt naturally but it’s soo good. A real cheese fix. New recipe is great with pickle in a sandwich. It’s tend to grate and freeze in portions so it lasts longer – it’s better on a fine grate too. I honestly can’t live without this stuff

  62. Kevin Kitching

    This cheese is a lifesaver! Cheese was always my enemy when trying to lose weight but with Eatlean it as now become my saviour, I have it with everything and its helped me lose over 2 stone in the process!!!

  63. Jack Park

    Absolute game changer ! I’m a massive cheese fan and this helps keep it on the menu whilst being more macro conscious.
    Great taste and texture

  64. Beverley Bradburn (verified owner)

    I was introduced to this at a weight watchers meeting. Wow!! You get a huge amount compared to other cheese for your points – including’diet’ cheese! I know it’s an Americanism but am real game changer’!! Cheese is back on the menu!! 😋

  65. Emma

    Great cheese! Need extra protein due to my diet. Just wish I could buy more of it in the shops!

  66. AIMEE

    I literally love this cheese, use it all the time. Taste amazing, easy to grate and i use it all the time.

  67. Edward Jones (verified owner)

    This cheese is wonderful. I switched from normal cheese and lost a stone in a matter of weeks without otherwise changing my diet appreciably. My Dr keeps telling me to reduce saturated fat and by having this cheese I also achieve this objective. But the real benefit is that I actually prefer this to other cheeses.

  68. Jake

    Not as creamy as normal cheese but overall taste is somewhat indifferent to cheddar. Well worth it considering the significantly better macros. Whilst the sell by date is usually 3 months, I found despite sealed in my fridge the cheese dried out after 2 months.

  69. Sarah Hudson

    For anyone who is unsure of what the blocks are like, I can assure you that they exceed expectations. When you cut into it, the texture is a little different to normal cheddar, but the taste is just as good, if not better. It melts perfectly and has amazing texture in sauces. I cut up some chunks and pop them into my omelette and they melt so well and really are tasty. I also love grating it up and popping it on sandwiches. In all honesty, it’s like normal cheese except 100% better minus the guilt! Definitely recommend.

  70. Ellen Goldsmith (verified owner)

    Being lactose intolerant, highly active and a lover of cheddar this cheese is a god send…I couldn’t ask for more. At the moment I also have multiple pelvic fractures so my protein intake is really key but the nausea which comes with pain and medications makes eating hard. It’s a perfect snack for me. Thank you

  71. Gemma (verified owner)

    Have loved this since the first time I tried on a grilled cheese. I never liked the taste or texture before unless it was melted during cooking but the new recipe is actually tasty just on its own too. Would recommend for melt in middle burgers and meat balls though. Amazing 😉

  72. Lewis Weetch

    Don’t think I’ll ever eat normal cheese again considering the great macros. Lovely taste can use it with literally anything!

  73. Jane S (verified owner)

    Tasty and melts like a dream. Low cal, low fat and lactose free so my hubby can enjoy too. Makes brilliant sauces for cauliflower cheese and pasta. What’s not to like?

  74. Gwen Perry

    Really love this cheese! It melts fantastically so works well in toasted sandwiches, on pizza, on pasta and on anything else! I love that because of the lower calories and fat that I can use much more of it than I could with normal cheese and it helps me to reach my protein goals!

  75. Luke Randall

    Adore this stuff, game changer and such an easy way to bump your protein up if you need to. Just need to not get to carried away when I use it. Great on pizzas and pasta meals too.

  76. Kim

    I am a huge cheese fan and when I first discovered earlean cheese I was sceptical at first , but wow it is just divine ..🧀

  77. Michele (verified owner)

    Love this cheese. If you are counting macros this is a great British product. It’s very low in fat and high in protein the taste is good and it melts well. Have been buying this for at least 2 years.

  78. Michelle Lee

    When you are counting calories and want you are a cheese lover it’s hard to find one that fits your targets. Or you just have to have a teeny slice of cheese. Now, with EatLean I can have my cheese and eat it too! Fits my calories, boosts my protein goal and more importantly fills my cheese cravings perfects. Makes brilliant cheese on toast and lovely in a salad wrap too. Yummy! 😋

  79. Wendy Mullen (verified owner)

    So pleased that my daughter told me about your cheese, delicious and so tasty, I have received my first order but it wont be my last.

  80. Margaret SHAPLAND (verified owner)

    Good cheese if watching calories. Melts like mozzerella

  81. Megan

    Eatlean cheese is fab with a packed block full of protein your muscles will be supported and fit and strong!

  82. Mechelle Drummond

    Love love love , eating healthy you think cheese is off the menu Or isn’t going to taste nice but not with eat lean absolutely game changing product

  83. Mechelle Drummond

    Love love love , eating healthy you think cheese is off the menu Or isn’t going to taste nice but not with eat lean absolutely genius whoever came up with this product

  84. Ty Leyland

    Trying to find low fat cheese through normal supermarkets and shops is a nightmare. I have health problems and cholesterol is a significant one. I love tasty cheddar. So when I discovered eatlean cheddar with such a low fat content I was over the moon.
    Fabulous taste and a first class delivery service.
    Thank you so much all at eatlean

  85. Margarita Hadjimarcou

    this is absolutely amazing. tastes like parmesan and the texture is awesome. and the macros on point!

  86. Kate (verified owner)

    This cheese is very tasty and one of the best cheese products I have eaten

  87. Kate (verified owner)

    This cheese is very tasty and one of the best cheese products I have had

  88. Rebecca

    Tastes just like other cheeses but soo much better for you! Making my cheese addiction that much better!

  89. Sharmaine

    I’m lactose intolerant so although I love cheese, it doesn’t agree with me! Now am able to enjoy my favourite meals in a healthier way too!

  90. Pat Pearson (verified owner)

    I was introduced to Eatlean Protein cheese through Weight Watchers and I love it. I was delighted when I discovered it could be bought online as I now use the red one and the spreadable all gorgeous. I love the way it’s despatched too, the ice block is always very cold and still icy.

  91. Richard (verified owner)

    The new texture of this cheese is just perfect. It’s not only the perfect way to keep cheese in our diet while trying to eat healthier, but it’s also absolutely delicious. It’s one of our favourite grocery items at home.

  92. Jade Breedon

    Love this cheese! It’s great melted on a homemade pizza, quiche, toasted sandwich, in omelettes! Loads! It’s versatile and the macros are insane! Perfect for my healthy living lifestyle or for anyone watching what they’re eating.

  93. Cath Glaze (verified owner)

    A fantastic alternative to cheddar block cheese that’s much too fattening for my WW plan. 70g of this just on its own is a real treat, or on top of pasta, it melts like mozzarella, absolutely yummy 🙂

  94. Mary Ryan (verified owner)

    Lovely taste, melts very well and good value for money

  95. Kit

    Perfect if you’re on a calorie restriction but where cheese is life!! Helps reach protein targets, perfect for salads and stir fries or on its own – delicious. Taste wise it compares to a very mild cheddar.

  96. Chirag Kothari

    love it but a tad too salty for me! otherwise perfect I bulk buy!

  97. mae-taylor1

    Obsessed with this cheese! Low calorie and tastes unreal. Will never use anything else from now on!

  98. Emily Booker (verified owner)

    Discovering this cheese has revolutionised my diet!! I always used to avoid cheese, however eatlean has allowed me to eat cheese again, and I love it!!!

  99. Sian (verified owner)

    OMG Absolutely love this cheese! Never thought id be able to have cheese again with my diet! Now i can yaaaay!

  100. Dale Heath

    Just amazing, I love the new taste and can’t believe the macros 😍

  101. Jemma Tague

    Super low fat cheese, great tadte

  102. Dean lewis (verified owner)

    Really is the best low fat cheese on the market today. Its hard to find a decent comprimise between taste and healthy option with cheese but this is definately it. Fully recommended

  103. Dean lewis (verified owner)

    Great cheese for diets and perfect version of the original for sprinkling on dishes and toast. Highly recommended

  104. Joshua (verified owner)

    Absolute game changer. I mean I’m a cheese lover and this really helps me keep up with my cheesy meals

  105. John Evans (verified owner)

    This Cheese is fabulous in any cooked form Toasted cheese or Macaroni etc… What a difference to the weight plan A++++

  106. Sam

    It’s actually amazing to find a cheese that fits into my macros!

    Be it in omelette or toasted sandwich, It’s a real winner!

  107. Vanessa (verified owner)

    Healthy yummy cheese !! I would eat it all day every day 😊😋🙌🏼

  108. Rachael

    It so good to be able to enjoy cheese guilt free!! Tastes great and melts on top of everything perfectly!

  109. TommyTash1

    Cheese for the calorie & macro counters. But not only great for that, it tastes amazing too. The one before this tasted amazing but this upgraded version is out of this world. Taste & texture like cheese but so much healthier which means you can have more, and who doesn’t love more & more cheese.

  110. Caroline mcgothigan (verified owner)

    Love it very tasty so much healthier

  111. Olwen Lloyd (verified owner)

    this is a staple in our diet. we love it. cheese on toast with a little marmite, yum. also in a wrap for lunch with a little pickle or houmous. tastes so good and makes it easy to eat healthy

  112. aliben58 (verified owner)

    Amazing cheese, great taste and perfect for me as I am lactose intolerant and struggle to digest fat

  113. Stukenhayward (verified owner)

    Great taste and the macros defy belief! A staple in my house now!

  114. Kat Ware (verified owner)

    This is my go to every day cheese. Was gob smacked how low cal but tasty this is. I will never buy anything other than this now. Love it !

  115. Emma Goodband

    Lovely cheese

  116. Jen

    I buy this cheese in Waitrose and Partners and absolutely love it! It melts better than I thought it would and tastes very similar to “normal’ stuff! Ok the texture and smell isn’t quite the same however given that it is lower in fat and calories, this is easy to overlook! 10/10 would recommend

  117. Sally Courtney

    This is the best cheese ever- all the taste and flavour with way less fat than other low fat cheeses you can buy in the supermarket!

  118. Tracy Cairns

    This cheese is fabulous.
    As a Slimming world members I get to have a tasty huge cheese fix.
    It’s perfect for toppings.
    Melts well too

  119. Amy Clarkson

    I LOVEEEE this cheese, so amazing for protein and can have a very generous serving for 100 calories. Fab cheese for dieting! 100% would recommend! Ps. It’s so good melted, It makes fabulous cheese toasties!

  120. Laura Lee

    Oh my word! Love this cheese. Having used it to lose 15 stone it’s meant I can still get my cheese fix. I now use this cheese to maintain my loss, enjoy cheese for a snip of the calories. So tasty, fabulous for pizza, omelette and cheesy veg! Thank you so much for this game changer

  121. Maddison Forbes-sinclair

    Love love LOVE this cheese! Good for enjoying a treat whilst keeping on track with healthy eating. Amazing amount of protein!

  122. eduquemin (verified owner)

    This cheese is a game changer. However I refuse to share it with my husband as he scoffs the lot before my next delivery. So have hidden it in the fridge under the spinach – he’ll never pick that stuff up! Excellent customer service for a woman in need as well.

  123. Sophie Abbott (verified owner)

    I LOVE this protein cheese – it means I can have cheese with (almost) every meal and also know that it will help boost my protein intake. It tastes amazing and I would 100% recommend it!

  124. Luke crocker

    Can’t praise this product enough. I have passed it on to all my friends and they love it too. The low calorie high protein is amazing! Can’t get enough of it.

  125. Kim (verified owner)

    Tasty. Lasted in the fridge for weeks. Grated really well with a fine grater.

  126. Laura mallick

    Absolutely addicted! Buy this most weeks and use it on pizzas, scrambled eggs, and on it own! Also really recommend the shakers! Would love to try the other bits soon 🙂

  127. Jack (verified owner)

    Very good cheese, the best one I have come across to help maintain the healthy lifestyle!

  128. james.wentworth

    amazing alternative and stops me getting as chubs

  129. Alexander Saldanha

    Bought this cheese for the macros thinking it wouldn’t taste to bad. But it is really delicious and incredibly nutritious. Would always buy again. Sadly I live in Germany where it’s hard to get.

  130. Claire Smith (verified owner)

    I can’t tolerate high fat dairy and this cheese is a life saver! I love cheese and can now enjoy it again. Use it whenever and wherever I can!

  131. lborowiec (verified owner)

    I hadn’t eaten cheese for years before discovering this. As part of my weightoss I can have 79 gems of this cheese for just 1 ww point. It tastes great too.

  132. jennifer.whitelock (verified owner)

    At long last I can enjoy cheese again – thank you Eatlean!

  133. Nitasha

    As a vegetarian I struggle to get enough protein but this makes it so easy! I love this cheese when I make homemade pizza, when I use normal cheese the oil drips out but with this cheese you get the same taste without it being so oily

  134. puttycat_1

    Being on a diet I’ve avoided cheese a lot and Eatlean has allowed me to have it again without feeling too guilty.

    Very tasty cheese.

  135. shilpa (verified owner)

    This cheese is so good. I have tried a lot of different low calorie cheeses and have never come across one that tastes so nice. I use it for sandwiches, cheese sauces, salads and on top of nachos.

  136. Louise Crosby

    Great for cheese on toast. I do slimming world and this has been a godsend in helping me enjoy food but trim back.

  137. Lizzie

    Love this! Lower calorie than light cheese from the supermarket and just as good taste, with more protein as well!

  138. Katie

    Absolutely incredible – I never thought I would be able to eat cheese with every meal and still reach my physique goals! And it tastes better than normal cheese!

  139. Christina (verified owner)

    Really nice cheese. Especially for people on a diet. I’m on Weight watchers and I can still enjoy cheese with low WW points

  140. barby1922 (verified owner)

    I love it!!!

  141. Katina Harding

    I love this cheese, it means I can have more as the calories are low and get more taste!
    It also helps me keep my protein levels up,
    Cheese , taste, protein And less fat and calories 😘

  142. Gabriella Ricciardi

    Absolutely perfect with every combination! You can have it how may times you want without feeling guilty and enjoying a perfect taste! I crave for it!😍

  143. Cristina

    I started to follow the page on Instagram because I was looking for lighter food to eat in my diet and thank God I did it!
    I love cheese and this is cheese is just perfect, so tasty and low in calories!!
    Thank you guys❤

  144. scott dent

    Great tasting cheese which is so lean , packed with protein love it

  145. Dalton Joynes (verified owner)

    Lovely product .. lost 2 stone in 3 month with the help of this 🤗

  146. johnelliottmail

    love this versatile cheese for just have it with crackers or cooking , life changer

  147. Gayle Hearne (verified owner)

    I can’t quite believe the macros on this cheese- it’s a gamechanger for me, as someone who is on a deficit and actively trying to lose fat and maintain my muscle mass. It means I have more freedom with my diet, I feel less deprived and it tastes great. It has more protein than a lot of dairy products and to be honest, a part of me thinks it’s magic. I will not be without this product; there’s nothing else out there like it!

  148. Tatiana Salvucci (verified owner)

    What not to love. High protein, low in fat and taste delicious. It has helped introduce cheese back in my life without guilty. So much protein. I buy in bulk, grate and freeze it. Absolutely in love with it. We have nealy everyday.

  149. k.perhammarchant

    The fact that something this low cal tastes like cheese is amazing! So good for topping pastas, pizzas and in toastier – melts so well ! Defo want to try eatlean tasty and see if it has a more mature taste, but this is definitely a regular buy!

  150. Marisa

    I love this cheese! I’m trying to lose weight with the WW program and noticed for the first time how much far cheese actually contains. the eatlean cheese is really a live safer since I can now keep eating cheese without having to worry about my smart points! And it tastes great, too, a bit like cheddar with a tasty hint of coconut. I love it!

  151. Lorna McGahren (verified owner)

    This cheese is a macro saver, not only does it taste like cheese, saving so many calories while eating all the cheese is a major plus, thank you!!!!

  152. Sarah McGuigan

    Game changer! Calorie/protein ratio is amazing and it’s SO tasty

  153. Vanessa Van vyve (verified owner)

    I love cheese and now I can eat it without the guilt! My kids love it aswell. 👌🏼🙌🏼🥰

  154. lynne.m.griffiths (verified owner)

    This cheese is great for reducing calories & higher protein – I prefer it grated or cooked rather than sliced, but still really like it,

  155. Chrissie Anderson

    I love the mature flavour and because it is so low in fat, I can it guilt free. It is great for cooking as well, I love the way it goes stringy, just perfect.

  156. Christoph Stohl

    Prima Geschmack bei top Nährwerten, was will man mehr…

  157. newd273 (verified owner)

    Love the stuff!! Following WW so it’s perfect and at such low points, have it on crackers, pizza bases, it’s so versatile.

  158. newd273 (verified owner)

    Love it!! I’m Following The WW plan so it’s perfect and such low points, I have it on pizza bases, in lasagnes, and on crispbreads.

  159. marylinska

    Nice taste and great for healthy eating and weight loss

  160. Anne Marie Melenhorst

    Although I need to drive to Germany for this. I keep ongoing for this amazing good cheese. Best taste ever. I hope you will be able to get it back in the Dutch Supermarkets

  161. kathryngrinyer

    Tastes exactly like regular cheese. More like a manchego texture and still delicious. Great grated, in sandwiches, salads and on top of dishes. Fantastic if you’re on a macros plan and looking to increase your protein but not your fat. Will definitely be buying again.

  162. Liv

    Delicious!! Bought 6 of them to stock up my fridge. Especially great for homemade pizzas!

  163. andrewchalloner (verified owner)

    The new recipe is amazing!!! Stringier when melted and so much flavour for a low calorie option!

  164. andrewchalloner (verified owner)

    The new recipe is amazing!!! Stringier when melted and so much flavour for a low calorie option! Have recommend to Anyone I know starting a diet!

  165. Hannah

    Fantastic cheese. I have just started Weight watchers to lose weight. Whilst most cheeses, even light or low fat options are approximately 3/4/even 5 points per 30/40g serving, Eatlean protein cheese is only 1 point on WW, and that’s not for a 30g serving, THAT’S FOR A 50/60G SERVING – YOU CAN HAVE DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF CHEESE FOR LESS THAN HALF THE POINTS. This still allows you to loose weight, but also allows you to eat tasty cheese along the way. 😋 This cheese 🧀 melts well, I like topping my favourite toppings on a pizza with eat lean protein cheese and you have a lovely pizza that tastes great and fills you up, but doesn’t drain all of your daily points allowance. In my opinion, excellent value for money and great for your waistline and losing weight in a healthy way. Thanks Eatlean. 🙂

  166. joaorubenviveiros (verified owner)

    Nice to improve you protein consumption without adding too many calories

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Typical Valuesper 100gper serving (30g)
of which saturates1.3g0.4g
of which sugars <0.1g<0.1g

Pasteurised cow’s milk, Salt

And that’s all we use to make our cheese!

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