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70% less fat than cheddar, 40% fewer calories and a mouth-watering mature flavour. What’s not to love?

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Eatlean Tasty Compared to Regular Cheddar

  • 40% Fewer Calories

  • 70% Less Fat

  • 35% More Protein


With 70% less fat, 40% fewer calories and 35% more protein than standard cheddar, Tasty brings a healthier alternative to your fridges, that the whole family will love! Matured longer for full flavour, lactose-free and naturally made with 100% British cow’s milk. Tasty is Ideal for melting, baking, slicing, or toasting, perfect in all your recipes or on top of your favourite dishes as a simple, healthier swap without compromising taste.

✔ 70% LESS FAT*

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52 reviews for EATLEAN TASTY 350g

  1. Charles Piper

    The best cheese I have ever tasted. Since I started my weight loss journey, and being a massive cheese fan, I switched to eatlean cheese. Wow, it is so good, incredible flavours, absolutely delicious and massive bonus very low fat. Highly recommend you go and buy some and try for yourself, honestly you will never go back to regular cheese after tasting eatlean.

  2. Vivienne Schneider (verified owner)

    My favourite of the entire range. Better if you are looking for a slightly more mature taste! Exactly what it says on the packet!!!

  3. Khadeeja Burton

    Now I like standard eatlean, don’t get me wrong, but if I feel I’ve been good and I want a treat, this is the stuff I reach for. Honestly would struggle to tell the difference between this an a good full fat mature cheddar. Keep up the good work team eatlean.

  4. Ben L (verified owner)

    Never going back to full fat cheddar ever again! I was dubious when I read that a half fat cheese had no compromise in flavour….but you guys are correct, I literally cannot taste the difference!

  5. Becky Towers

    Always find it hard to stick to healthy eating plans but this cheese is the best of both worlds!! Feels like a treat but still half the fat of cheddar!!

  6. thedobshams

    I love the 3% fat cheese but this one i get for my mum. She loves it and cant tell the difference between any other cheese!

  7. GraceH (verified owner)

    Really versatile as a snack on its own as it still has that mature cheddar tase but also great in cooking too. Definitely the best of both worlds with the reduced fat and calories but with that great taste we all crave!

  8. Anne

    Tasty by name, Tasty by nature. Who needs full fat when you can have the same great taste at a fraction of the calories. Perfect on my crackers.

  9. Hannah Jones

    Great healthy cheese alternative for all the family. Half the fat but absolutely no compromise on flavour!

  10. Demelza (verified owner)

    The Tasty is my absolute favourite and my family now love it! It’s got such a great taste and texture I don’t miss other cheese. We use it on pizzas, cooking and great in sandwiches aswell as snacking

  11. N Mansfield

    WOW! This product really is excellent for someone like me who is both a MASSIVE cheese fiend and someone that has been following a diet for the last six months. I seriously cannot believe how delicious and low fat it is, so I am over the moon that I can now put cheese back on the menu. THANK YOU!

  12. Maria (verified owner)

    So tasty!! Even my mum says its tastier than normal cheddar!!!

  13. Esther James

    This is immense! Slightly higher fat and calories but the lost like ‘normal cheese’. This is the one that I have when it’s a Friday night treat. Still lower calorie and lower fat than typical cheese, so winner winner. Would highly recommend

  14. Lel Grant (verified owner)

    This is now the only cheese I buy. It is as nice as the main competitor and the fact that it is low fat and lactose free is an absolute winner!!

  15. Sarah Ghirardo (verified owner)

    This cheese is amazing. Its better than any full fat cheese and much lower in calories. I love a mature cheese and boy does this hit the spot

  16. themightywoosh (verified owner)

    In my opinion this is the toastiest of Eatlean’s cheese – it is creamy and tastes better than the higher fat/ higher calorie cheese you might usually buy.

  17. laura mccollom (verified owner)

    Love it, love it, love it 💕
    This is a gorgeous cheese. A great medium between the slightly rubbery (but still good) lean cheese, and a normal catherdral (other cheeses are available).
    With the decrease in fat and increase in protein, it works so well in my diet and allows me to keep within my macros while exploiting my love of cheese.

  18. Sandy Dellovo

    This is my ultimate favourite… it is what it’s says TASTY… this is the tastiest cheese that I love ever tasted in my life and without all the fat and calories than normal cheese… win win

  19. Jasmine Barnes-keywood (verified owner)

    I challenge a cheese connoisseur to a taste test with normally cheddar to see if they could spot the difference… bet they couldn’t

  20. Katie (verified owner)

    I love this Tasty eat lean cheese and my favourite. It melting on pizza or toast even topping of pasta so amazing. The flavour is gorgeous, best part is it got high protein and hardly little fat. You look after our health because of eatlean cheese. Your winner in my eyes, well my belly!

  21. Ashleigh Hartnell

    Great if you like your cheese lower calories but slightly stronger than the original Eatlean 😋

  22. Katie Mcguigan (verified owner)

    I have been ordering this cheese for around a year now and I can honestly say that I prefer this to normal cheese, I tastes exactly like mature cheese but for a fraction of the calories. Would 100% recommend

  23. Amira Lilly (verified owner)


    I am a huge cheese lover and have tried to stick to a calorie deficit and stick within my macros to achieve my fitness goals… most people would think this meant having to cut out your favourite delicious foods and toppings such as cheese nights, or pizza! Not with eat lean.. this cheese is delicious and tastes exactly like mature cheddar and my family and partner after being cheese lovers were skeptical, but now ask me to place orders for this cheese as they love it and the lower fat and calorie content!

    thank you eatlean!

  24. John Purnell (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic cheese! Lots of mature flavour and low in fat! Love it!

  25. Bianca

    Sehr schmackhafter Käse und das noch kalorienarm. Leider gibt es ihn in Deutschland nicht zu kaufen, aber ich bestelle ihn immer hier in größeren Mengen. Toll zum überbacken von Aufläufen.

  26. Laura C

    This is the nicest low fat mature cheese slice – tastes like the real McCoy and ideal for the whole family. Perfect on a burger or in a toastie

  27. danieledwardclark

    This is a really great compromise between lean cheese and delicious cheese. It’s great toasted under the grill on a piece of bread it almost feels like a piece of pizza

  28. Beverley (verified owner)

    A very well named cheese!! It really is tasty. A lovely treat.

  29. Rachael Fisher (verified owner)

    Makes cheese macro friendly. Have it every day, fabulous product. Not sure how I managed before 🙂

  30. Margaret SHAPLAND

    Good. Creamier than standard eatlean cheese. Bit higher in calories.

  31. Kit

    Perfect! The only thing that’d make or heavenly would be a similar calorie content to the original eatlean cheese. Delicious and vintage in texture and taste. Big fan.

  32. Sarah Hill (verified owner)

    Love this cheese! Tastes as creamy and as good as normal cheese to me, but less calories so less guilt. Perfect!!

  33. Dean lewis

    Much more cheese taste than the standard block. This is as good as any other full fat cheese without straying from your diet. Best cheese ive tasted

  34. Sam (verified owner)

    Beats any store-brought cheese hands down!

  35. Rebecca Fidler (verified owner)

    Have recently tried this cheese as I wanted something similar to mature cheddar, it certainly didn’t disappoint, it’s packed with flavour but lower in fat than usual so great for my healthier diet. I love it!

  36. Laura horne

    So so tasty!! One of my firm favourites and a fridge must have.

  37. Stukenhayward (verified owner)

    Richer taste than the standard block, but still very good macros! Good way to vary it up from the standard cheese.

  38. Sara Sanz

    Awesome flavour!

  39. Holly D (verified owner)

    TASTY is a really good cheese and works with pretty much anything, from the pack, melted, in cooking, etc… I like the Eatlean original too, but this one is a really good balance between that and the flavour of a regular cheddar, but still with lower fat and calories. I’ve tried lots of supermarket brand 50% fat cheeses, and some are better than others, but this beats them all and has lower fat than the others too. TASTY makes me feel like I’m not missing out on a full fat cheese.

  40. Elizabeth Wilson

    Really nice

  41. Paloma Serrano (verified owner)

    this cheese it’s amazingly delicious.

    The little bit of fat that increases from the regular eat lean, makes it delicious and perfect for a great protein tasty treat.
    I am glad I found a cheese that tastes like cheddar and it’s so macro friendly.
    Tasty is a staple now in my fridge for my burgers, quesadillas, enchiladas.

    My husband that usually doesn’t like fit products loves it too.

  42. Elizabeth Wilson

    Lovely taste

  43. Sophie Abbott

    YUM! This is just what I needed to increase my protein intake without the guilt. Eatlean is a life saver!

  44. Joshua

    This actually tastes really good

  45. Jordan Long

    ALL THE TASTE. Brilliant product with an unrivaled macro composition. Training, weight loss or just a healthier alternative – can’t go wrong with Eat Lean. Recommended.

  46. Sophie (verified owner)

    This cheese is amazing! It tastes unreal and just like your normal mature cheddar. It’s Perfect if your on a diet or counting Marcos. Will continue to keep ordering x

  47. Sara Sanz

    Really tasty! It has that flavour of mature cheese.

  48. johnelliottmail (verified owner)

    I absolutely love a tasty cheese but needed to cut back on fat and this really hits the spot

  49. Dalton Joynes

    Very tasty.
    I wish they stocked this as well as the plain eat lean at my local supermarket

  50. Ggh332 (verified owner)

    When I first started loosing weight I still wanted to eat cheese and I cane across eatlean so I tried a few cheese but tasty was my favourite as it tasted like mature cheddar and I loved it. Been eating it ever since! Best low cal cheese I’ve ever tasted!!!

  51. lynne.m.griffiths (verified owner)

    Love this as its tangier than the normal eat lean cheese.

  52. dsignbylorena (verified owner)

    Have been a loyal customer of Eatlean from their beginning, I am thrilled to see all their new products. Never disappoint.
    Tasty cheese, is just that, very tasty. So glad to have an option of cheese that can be enjoyed and not feel guilty. I buy this in block and slices.
    Great price and great quality.

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Nutritional Valuesper 100gper serving (30g)
of which saturates5.9g1.8g
of which sugars<0.5g<0.5g

Pasteurised cow’s milk, Salt

And that’s all we use to make our cheese!

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