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As an Eatlean Brand Affiliate, you’ll get some pretty awesome perks, such as… free products, early access to all the newest product launches,  up to 7% cash commission on every qualifying purchase, addition to an exclusive affiliate Facebook group! Oh, and your very own 10% discount code that you can give to all your friends, family & followers.

How It Works



Fill out our super simple affiliate application.



Tell your friends, family & followers about your unique code to earn cash & score free cheese!



With the Eatlean affiliate community to share all your best content



”I love being part of the Eatleaner program. I really get to spread the word for a product that has made such a difference to mine and my families health. It’s so cool that I get to see all the new products and behind scenes at the Eatlean HQ. The fact that I can earn money from just sharing my meals, and telling my friends about Eatlean is an absolute winner!!”

Eating Awesome since June 2020



”I love to spread the love of cheese to fellow slimmers! It used to be something I avoided due to being allowed only a block the size of a small matchbox on my beans on toast. It just wasn’t worth it! Eatlean opens up a whole world of cheesy opportunities so that we don’t have to feel left out anymore.”


”It’s a real honour to have someone think highly enough of you to be given such a great opportunity and it’s amazing to be doing something that I thoroughly enjoy while also helping others!”


”I am truly so excited to be one of Eatlean’s affiliates, representing a product I really enjoy and believe is a fantastic addition to a healthy balanced lifestyle. I love connecting with other like-minded fitness loving women, learning from them and inspiring each other.”


”Its very important to be able to showcase products in the health/fitness umbrella that can seamlessly fit into peoples diets without them feeling guilty or thinking that they may be cheating their meal plans etc.”

Frequently asked questions

Simply put, these awesome people help us spread the good word of Eatlean, showing their love for the brand on social media, down at Hot Pod Yoga, or well pretty much anywhere!! Our Affiliates are Eatleaners, who want to help us get the #EatAwesome message out to the world!

YOU! Our affiliate programme wasn’t designed just for gym bunnies or ultra photogenic foodies. It was designed for Eatleaners, everyone & anyone that loves Eatlean, whatever their reason, and wants to spread the word to friends, family, followers, & Carol next door but one…  All whilst earning some sweet commission, and cool perks.

By becoming an Eatlean affiliate, you’ll get access to free cheese, merchandise and cool perks, plus your own exclusive referral code that your friends, family, and followers can use to shop 10% off at You’ll also bag yourself a minimum of 5% commission on each sale you make!

To make payments as easy as possible, we pay your commissions via PayPal at the beginning of every month, a free service that’s super quick and easy to sign up for. To apply as an Eatlean affiliate, you’ll need to have PayPal to signup. To get started, head to to create your account.

Please make sure to read our complete terms and conditions before applying to become and Eatlean affiliate these can be found HERE

When you join the affiliate program you will be put into our Eatleaner tier, as you make more sales you’ll tier up and have access to more commission, ever better perks, and even free cheese! Every time you tier up you’ll also bag yourself some free gifts courtesy of us.