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High in protein, low in fat, and pre-grated for your convenience! The perfect way to lower calories in everything from pizza to toasties.

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Eatlean Grated Cheese Compared to Regular Cheddar

  • Half The Calories

  • 90% Less Fat

  • 45% More Protein

  • 80% Less Cholesterol

Conveniently Healthy

Sprinkle on a pizza, in a wrap, in your morning omelette… you name it, Eatlean works just like any other grated cheese,  AND it melts like a dream…

Containing half the calories of standard cheddar, but with a naturally mature Cheddar flavour, this remarkable cheese is ideal as an ingredient for your low calorie meals, low carb recipes, or high protein diet.

🏆 GOLD WINNER at 2019 International Cheese Awards for “Best low-fat cheese”

✔ High Protein
✔ Low Fat (and saturated fat)
✔ Low Calorie
✔ Low Carb (Keto Friendly)
✔ Lactose Free
✔ Gluten Free
✔ Suitable for vegetarians
✔ 100% naturally made with Cow’s milk

Slimming World members – You can have up to 70g for 6 syns or your HexA!

WW members – Up to 26g is 0SP and 27g-79g is 1SP.

We ship orders twice a week, on a Monday and a Wednesday. Orders placed between 12pm Tuesday and 12pm Friday will be dispatched the following Monday. Orders placed between 12pm on Friday’s and 12pm on Tuesday’s will be shipped on the Wednesday.

We use a next working day courier service, so your cheese stays nice a chilled. Once your order has been processed you will receive communication from our courier containing all the relevant delivery details. Please make sure to look out for this email.

Should you need to delay delivery please let us know by leaving a note in the buyer’s comments when you place your order.

If you have any questions relating to delivery please get in touch with us via email to

122 reviews for EATLEAN GRATED CHEESE 180g

  1. Nikki

    Eatlean is best when melted in cooked dishes such as lasagne or pasta bake, so grated the best format

  2. Benjamin

    didn’t think it would work, but added about half a bag onto my pizza and OMG this is insane, melts so so well.

  3. Anna

    Jacket potatoes with beans and this grated cheese is a perfect meal packed with proteins. And its guilty free 🙂

  4. Richard

    Healthier pizzas – what is not to like …… replaced my grated cheddar with grated Eatlean and no one noticed!!

  5. Nena

    Not as good as full fat cheese (obviously) but I’m used to it now, I add it to most meals to rump up my protein intake. 👍

  6. Vicky (verified owner)

    Melts just like ordinary cheese. I use this with low dough to make pizzas and you wouldn’t tell the difference. Also great for wraps or cheese on toast.

  7. Deansshh (verified owner)

    This grated cheese is just amazing, melts easily, tastes grate!! Haha and so much healthier too.

  8. Stacey Cummings (verified owner)

    Love this. Entire packet on my nachos! Well done guys, smashed it!

  9. Ben L. (verified owner)

    I’m definitely guilty of adding an entire bag of this onto one homemade pizza….and still staying within my macro goals for the day. Thank you guys this cheese is epic!

  10. thedobshams (verified owner)

    Makes my pizza much less calorific, great for my macro goals!

  11. Anne

    I love the grated, it’s such a lovely addition to finish off my chilli or to put on top of my lasagne. Looks and tastes great on my layered chicken salad too. It’s a great hit with all the family.

  12. Esther James

    Really tasty cheese and super convenient. Loving the fact it’s high protein and lower calories. Also a very long date on it although it didnt last long in my house! Would definitely buy again.

  13. Maria (verified owner)

    When else can you put a whole bag of grated cheese on a pizza with no guilt??? Perfect!!

  14. konstantinostsant (verified owner)

    A lot tastier than expected! Highly recommended!

  15. marte

    I just love it, lower in calorieën, good taste and lots of proteïne. In the netherlands they dont sell it animate in the supermarkt, such a shame.

  16. Shekielle Bahra

    Amazing taste! So good that you can still eat clean and enjoy everyone’s favourite!!

  17. Mudite (verified owner)

    Tastes amazing, packed with protein and not much fat. Sprinkle it over scrambled eggs, lasagne, put in omelette or make a delicious cheese, carrot and garlic salad. Any cheese lover like me will only benefit from buying eat lean as you can enjoy so much more cheese and not worrying about your waist line.

  18. karenlvickers (verified owner)

    I get through so much grated cheese using this helps Me feel less guilty about the amount I add to my dinner! Melts lovely.

  19. Sophie Smithers (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this cheese more than ever since it’s got an improved recipe melts way better than other cheese

  20. Ashley McC (verified owner)

    I am so so happy to have found this grated cheese! So tasty to. It’s amazing. I put in pasta, make homemade pizza, toast and use it in my omelettes. It’s great and love it’s high in protein to so allows me to eat cheese but stay on track!

  21. Sophie Smithers (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this cheese more than ever since it’s got an improved recipe

  22. Sara

    Great taste and super convenient to have pre grated

  23. sam wickham (verified owner)

    my go to cheese, i can just put the whole bag in the freezer. excellent to use on home made wrap pizzas and makes a great topping on cottage pie. mixed in with a little red and you have something that looks soooo naughty but does no damage at all! i love this cheese so much!

  24. Jonny Morris (verified owner)

    Ordered over 30 bags of this now, I think I have it with 75% of my meals! Tastes amazing and super convenient when counting macros. Couldn’t live without it

  25. Sabrina Leggett (verified owner)

    Well worth getting the grated version of this amazing cheese. Takes the guilt out of cheese as we know it! Excellent melted, must try!

  26. kamac1970 (verified owner)

    Ever since finding Eatlean it’s the only cheese I’ll eat. Their new improved grated cheese has me reaching for the bag every time a recipe calls for it (or not 🥴). I am dropping weight consistently eating this cheese and recommend it to my friends.

  27. Ashleigh Hartnell

    Love using this in wraps, for open bagels and grilled, on top of shepherds pie etc! Also sometimes just straight out of the bag..

  28. Michelle Dean (verified owner)


  29. Alice bashir

    I am not really a lover of cheese but I love lean cheese it taste great,fresh and melts amazingly, it will definitely be something I will always stick up on now! So glad I found it! and not to expensive either! I have been so impressed and can’t wait for new products that they may bring out!

  30. Emma Maxwell (verified owner)

    Pizza perfect!! Loved how easily it melted, really impressed!

  31. Stevie Scott (verified owner)

    Perfect to throw in any recipe when in a rush or to save grated the large block. Best when melted. Perfect way to add low calorie protein and a cheese hit

  32. Sandy Dellovo

    This is so convenient. For any dish. You can’t go wrong. Pizza pastas anywhere you like…
    melts so well.

  33. Roger March (verified owner)

    Really love this on a jacket potato or in lasagne. So easy to use and saves the effort of grating your own ( an important consideration when you have arthritis in your hands and wrists).

  34. Bianca (verified owner)

    Ich liebe diesen Käse. Bin Mitglied bei WW und Käse musste ich mir immer verbieten. Jetzt kann ich endlich wieder Pizza und Auflauf machen und muss kein schlechtes Gewissen mehr haben. Und obendrein schmeckt er noch super

  35. Emily Rowe

    Melts deliciously 🤤

  36. Sarah (verified owner)

    Lockdown Mac ‘n Cheese without the calorie & fat content guilt- perfect!!! This cheese melted beautifully, a really rich flavour!!

  37. Hayley RUDDLE (verified owner)

    Great to use on baked potatoes, in cheese toasties and on top of lasagne etc.

  38. Olivia (verified owner)

    Eat lean is the only cheese I eat now as I’m lactose intolerant, but it’s such a good cheese I would choose to eat it anyway! The grated cheese stores really well in the freezer, and makes a mean cheese toastie

  39. Elizabeth Wilson

    Lovely product very handy to have in fridge

  40. Marie Peebles (verified owner)

    I have to stick to a strict low fat diet for health reasons, which as you can imagine is a nightmare for a cheese lover. I came across this product during an online search for something I could actually eat. To say I was happy is an understatement! I can now have cheese on toast again! I absolutely love this cheese, not only is it low fat, but it’s high in protein too. Would definitely recommend. A*****

  41. Charlotte Hevness (verified owner)

    Tastes just like normal cheese, amazing when melted!!

  42. Jane Hendricks (verified owner)

    Everything that is good about the block with added convenience!

  43. Vicki Sharman (verified owner)

    I love this! It’s always a staple in my fridge! So convenient to add to dishes, great texture and taste. Just wish you did bigger packs 🙂

  44. danieledwardclark

    House of the block of cheese has great macros so can fit with pretty much any bodybuilder/fitness enthusiasts goals while still enjoying delicious cheese. The great thing about the grated cheese is the versatility of it it can be sprinkled on bread pizza sweet potatoes or anything to make it more delicious and higher in protein

  45. Katri

    Absolutely love this product. Have switched from regular cheese to eatlean and I’m very happy I did. Such an easy way to add more protein to your meals without having too many extra calories. I love to sprinkle it in salads or put it in omelettes. So versatile and delicious

  46. Saryah Alhejazi

    Love your cheese products, they really do taste nice unlike other lean cheeses I’ve tried before!

  47. Jack Park

    Absolute game changer ! I’m a massive cheese fan and this helps keep it on the menu whilst being more macro conscious.
    Great taste and texture And super convenient in this ready grated bag

  48. Deb Rimmer (verified owner)

    Absolutely cannot be without thus cheese in my fridge. It’s so tasty and versatile and guilt free!

  49. Fran

    Great cheese. perfect strength for me and so convenient pre-grated. I freeze the bag and then just defrost a little at a time as I need it. Only knocked a star off as I would prefer it not to have added salt.

  50. yvonnewan (verified owner)

    Love this! So convenient and tastes great.

  51. Lewis Weetch

    I didn’t think I could eat cheese on a diet until I came across EatLean Cheese. I’ve now been able add it into my diet and not feel guilty! It’s soo yummy!

  52. Loren

    I am so glad I have found this cheese!!
    It melts perfectly into stringy gooey cheese perfect on absolutely anything, especially toasties!

  53. Lara (verified owner)

    Loving this cheese! Perfect fitness friendly cheese, with high protein content and amazing flavour! The grated cheese is ideal for pizzas or gratins!

  54. Sonya Parmar (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this cheese, great source of protein and cuts my calories right down. Great in pasta and any melting dishes!

  55. serena_spink (verified owner)

    Sooo good to still be able to have cheese without the crazy calories but also with an extra protein hit! Melts well for cheese on toast and I use it almost every day as I am a bit of a cheese fanatic – life saving!

  56. Margaret SHAPLAND0 (verified owner)

    Handy for salads and pasta. Very convenient.

  57. Mechelle Drummond (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, I wish the whole range was is Asda

  58. Danielle Hatcher

    Really impressed! My partner always says my downfall is cheese. Well you have solved my problem, I can stay on plan and still eat cheese. Delicious and the grated is perfect to add to pretty much any meal 🙂

  59. Emily (verified owner)

    Convenience at its finest!! Can’t recommend this product enough! I put this on EVERYTHING

  60. Kit

    Easy and versatile. A little goes a long way as melts very well. Texture wise it’s like melted mozzarella and taste wise it’s like a very mild cheddar. Perfect in pasta, pizza and in omelettes. Just yum plus the nutritional profile wins it for me.

  61. Eliza Shaw

    I was over the moon to discover the website as Waitrose kept running out of my favourite cheese. I never used to eat cheese, as I know how fattening it can be, so to find this protein cheese was fantabulous. I’m now totally obsessed, my addictive nature running riot! I eat it with cucumber, on toast, melted into anything I happen to be eating (except cereal!). I am a total convert and have tried all your products, and love them all.

  62. hollyryan17 (verified owner)

    Tastes just as good as normal cheese! Absolutely love it

  63. nicolat76 (verified owner)

    If you’re trying to be good, but still want your cheese, the Eatlean grated is perfect! I prefer melted cheese and this melts well and isn’t too stringy – it doesn’t slide off like other high fat cheese.

  64. My.peewee (verified owner)

    Love how less fattening it is compared to the usual cheese I buy. Tastes even better knowing how much less I’m eating.

  65. Mrs Crampton (verified owner)

    Every fridge needs a bag of this grated cheese! Super handy to have at hand when cooking sauces, topping lasagnes and pizzas. The possibilities are endless.

  66. carlomura88 (verified owner)

    Perfect for putting in sandwiches, pizzas and omelettes – so cheesy and tastes unreal!

  67. Kellyblackburn (verified owner)

    The grated cheese is so perfect and convenient for cooking with. Makes any meal extra special without the cals!

  68. Olwen Lloyd (verified owner)

    this is an essential in my fridge. it makes a great pizza but our favourite is a cheesy omelette. tastes great and is healthy with it. we love it!

  69. Rebecca Fidler (verified owner)

    The best cheese ever, so versatile, all my family have now switched to Eatlean. We love it in baked potatoes, omelette, on toast and in salad as it’s so convenient to use ready grated.

  70. Pamela (verified owner)

    Life’s too short to grate your own cheese!! The perfect combination of Eatlean cheese in handy form – I always have a few packets in the fridge. It melts well and has a mild taste. Definitely recommend.

  71. Stukenhayward (verified owner)

    Very tasty and convenient to use – great on homemade pizzas!

  72. Kayleigh Barrett (verified owner)

    My favourite cheese, super high in protein and lovely melted. I don’t buy any other cheese now.

  73. sarah.davies079

    Great product, low fat, tastes good and I don’t even have to bother grating it! 🙂

  74. Deborah Ann Miller (verified owner)

    Big fan of Eatlean cheeses. It’s great for diets because it has lots of taste but fewer calories than even the other “low-calorie” cheese brands. And unlike many of the other low-fat/low-cal brands, Eatlean cheese really does melt.

  75. Sally Courtney

    Love it- makes pizza and nachos not only healthy but super convenient (for those of us too lazy to grate our own cheese!). Love it

  76. Emre (verified owner)

    These are amazing. Can be used in anythjng to omlettes, toasties etc really goos

  77. amy mills (verified owner)

    Absolutely love all Eatlean products, im on weight watchers and it allows me to stay on plan but enjoy cheese again guilt free!!

  78. Laura Lee

    Oooh melted low and slow over pizza or moussaka or lasagne, what’s not to love?! Literally my obsession this cheese

  79. Sara Sanz

    Grated cheese is my favourite as you can put it everywhere!!

  80. Maddie (verified owner)

    This cheese is great – tastes just like cheese, melts lovely on hot food, and boosts your protein intake! I keep buying it regularly. I would love to see them develop a lower salt version

  81. Sophie Abbott (verified owner)

    Excellent product, excellent taste, excellent amount of protein! This product delivers on everything – taste, texture, protein etc. I don’t know what I would do without it!

  82. j_balch (verified owner)

    I am very lazy in the kitchen so this is brilliant to just sprinkle on top or in meals, it’s delicious without the nastiest and extra calories. Life saver.

  83. Astrid (verified owner)

    Yummy cheese. The best healthier alternative I’ve found so far!

  84. Laura Sharpe

    Really tasty and can’t believe how much I can have for 1sp on weight watchers, over 70g!! 🙂

  85. Elizabeth Wilson

    Love this product

  86. Nick Lloyd

    Do not hesitate in switching to this cheese or others in the Eatlean range. This cheese is not only tastier than our previous supermarket grated cheese, but also healthier and similarly priced. Well done Eatlean, we’ve changed over to you and are happy to recommend you to friends and family!

  87. Jordan Long

    Brilliant taste with an unrivaled macro composition. Training, weight loss or just a healthier alternative – can’t go wrong with Eat Lean. Recommended.

  88. Joshua

    This is really nice with whatever you cook

  89. Claire Smith (verified owner)

    Such a time saver and I love this cheese. Fabulous stirred into pasta!

  90. zoe_56_

    Great product, perfect if trying to track and keep calories low but still want cheese on everything!

  91. tracey.hammerton (verified owner)

    Love being able to buy it grated as saves so much time. Use it everyday and unlike most low fat cheese melts lovely when cooked xXxXx

  92. puttycat_1

    This cheese is a lifesaver. On slimming world you are allowed twice as much of this cheese compared to normal cheddar. Very tasty too.

  93. james.wentworth

    now I don’t even have to get the grater out

  94. Alexander Saldanha

    Perfect! I have a high protein intake per day and am lactose intolerant, so eatlean grated cheese is a true revelation.

  95. Deansshh (verified owner)

    So handy to have in the fridge and sprinkle over everything. As it’s higher protein and less fat than other cheeses, it means I can have more of it on my weight loss plan. There is no other cheese I’d rather have!

  96. Inga Vilka (verified owner)

    excellent taste

  97. Christina (verified owner)

    Great cheece to enjoy with your pasta,pizza,omelette etc.

  98. Amy Mills (verified owner)

    absolutely yummy in sandwiches and sprinkled on top of jackets , and even better, guilt free!

  99. Dalton joynes (verified owner)

    Really tasty..
    But in bulk and freeze at home 😋

  100. Sara Sanz

    Best option for adding to pizza or any grated food!

  101. Cristina

    This cheese is just amazing!
    I haven’t tried all of them yet but I can’t wait!!

  102. nroe408 (verified owner)

    We absolutely love this cheese. Tastes great. Definitely will not go back to the old cheese we used to buy 🙂

  103. blancatjm (verified owner)


  104. Tatiana Salvucci (verified owner)

    Since discovered Lo dough pizza crust I have it with lean cheese grated cheese twice a week. It hits all my macros and it’s so delicious. I’m obsessed about it. I bought lots and keep them in the freezer ready for use.

  105. Stephanie Buckley (verified owner)

    Fantastic product considering the fat and calories. Melts well and is great on pizzas.

  106. k.perhammarchant

    Has a thicker texture than if you grate it yourself, so this is really good for topping on pasta sauces – to give an oozy cheese flavour!

  107. Ellie W

    Eatlean cheese is great! It’s perfect for the diet that me and my partner have (I’m high protein and he is lactose intolerant) so we’re so happy we gave this a try. Tastes no different to standard grated cheddar and works well in salads, melted on toast or pasta, or even just straight of the bag. Couldn’t recommend more as a generic cheese alternative. Can’t wait to try the other varieties!

  108. Sarah McGuigan

    Melts really well. So handy for a protein boost in eggs, jacket potatoes, wraps etc. Great all rounder

  109. Nic Cook

    Great on pizza and toastie. And freezes well too

  110. Marisa

    This greated cheese tastes amazing. Try it in a low carb dough with skyr and eggs, it works great and tastes good as pizza or big mac roll!

  111. Christoph Stohl (verified owner)

    Prima Geschmack bei top Nährwerten, was will man mehr…

  112. elkiechiu (verified owner)

    The cheese melts really nicely in a folded omelette ! Really handy to have it grated already . I am obsessed with this cheese ! I put it in almost everything !

  113. newd273 (verified owner)

    Love the stuff!! Following WW so it’s perfect and at such low points, have it on crackers, pizza bases, it’s so versatile.

  114. marylinska

    Nice taste, great for healthy eating and weight loss

  115. dsignbylorena (verified owner)

    Have been a loyal customer of Eatlean from their beginning, I am thrilled to see all their new products. Never disappoint.
    Shredded packs are always part of my usual order, they are convenient and perfect for light pizzas, lunch wraps, melting over baked goodies and more.
    Great price and great quality.

  116. Caroline @riggers_journey (verified owner)

    The grated cheese is by far the best I’ve tasted, it melts so easily, packed full of protein with half the calories & it bloody freezes amazing well too, infact, you could say this cheese is the ‘GREATEST’ hence, no pun for grated 😉

  117. Samantha

    I love cheese and this is great – super low in points so I can endulge in more cheese on my diet!

  118. andrewchalloner (verified owner)

    I got this when I decided to be lazy but it’s just as amazing as the block! Good flavour, great texture and easy storage!

  119. SueT (verified owner)

    Easiest way ever of getting your cheese fix on a pizza, in a wrap or whatever, and still count the calories and protein. Thank you Eatlean!

  120. tina liptrot (verified owner)

    This is great in sauces and pasta recipes, very stringy on pizza.

  121. FWalsh (verified owner)

    The cheese is so good. When melted its especially good and cant really notice the difference.

  122. g.ogneva (verified owner)

    This cheese is my saviour since I started WW. You can eat quite a lot for only 1 point. Great taste and it melts well. It’s definitely different from your full fat cheese but hey – you get to diet AND eat cheese, how great is that? Love it!

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Typical Valuesper 100g
of which saturates1.3g
of which sugars0.1g

Pasteurised cow’s milk, Salt, Potato Starch

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